Service Units

Elite Force

The Elite Punjab Police, also known as the "Elite Force" or "Police Commandos", is a branch of the Punjab Police specializing in Counter-Terrorist operations and VIP security duties, as well as acting against serious crime and performing high-risk operations which can't be carried out by the regular police  

Quick Response Force

District QRF (Quick Responce Force) designed to act as first responders against terrorist activities and pre-terrorism raids but officials were also used for crime prevention.  

Rescue 15


Rescue 15 Muzaffargarh is Responsible for following operations:

  • Missing Persons/ Child Women Complaints         
  • Police Complaints (Non Registration of FIRs)
  •  Bomb Disposal / Fire Bridge
  •  Ambulance Service
  •  Computer Clearance of Vehicles
  •  Dacoity / Theft & other Crime Complaints
  •  Vehicle Snatching & Theft Complaints
  • Law and Order
  • Legal Aid