Capacity Building

Model Police Stations



Facility for entertainment has been provided for the officials in model police stations. The recreation room has been provided with furniture, LEDs / DVD.

Model Police Station City Muzaffargarh
Phone: 066-9200328

In modern world, peace, security and the sense of security are the components to measure the scale of prosperity with in any nation. In order to make the environment of the city safe, the District Police Muzaffargarh has two Model Police Stations and also has taken initiatives to establish more Model Police stations to change the typical police culture. These police stations will be model in their performance and shall play an active role to redress the grievances of the people. The building for this police station is designed especially in which substantial arrangements have been made for the process of investigation and police operations. The environment of police stations is improved through this model police station and there is a considerable cModel Police Station City Muzaffargarh was established in the year 1928. It consists of 04 beats. The Building of Police Station was inMain Bazar Muzaffargarh. Later on it was shifted to the new building near Kachehri Chowk Muzaffargarh in the year 2000.

Model Police station City Muzaffargarhis situated near Kachehri Chowk DG Khan road Muzaffargarh, about 500  meter away from the District Police Headquarter.

hange in the professional performance of police which has helped to establish a safe and peaceful society.
Further information about Model Police Stations is given below:


  • Identification of major issues

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • To move from a rural model to an urban & futuristic police model.

  • To make the police responsive to people

  • Improvement in the attitude of Police    


  •  The IO must issue the complainant a receipt

  •  Courteous behavior

  • Arrest to be notified to the family 

  • Call back system

  •  Electronic receipt and e-tagging

  •  In case of manual system a card can be issued

  •  Progress of investigation to be recorded on the card


  • Performance based promotion

  • Merit based recruitments

  • Community participation

  • Crash program for SHOs in public dealing

  • Role specific Qualitative training